Spiritual Art and Healing Sculpture

Welcome to Drifting Spirits. Lighten your heart, calm your mind, find comfort in a world that no longer feels comfortable.

drifting spirits art and sculpture tiny toro lantern

Jizo and Buddha, kitsune foxes and other assorted kami spirits of the wild.

I hope that you can find some peace among these pages. Maybe a map to that lost joy and sense of meaning that disappeared but you’re not sure when. Let your spirit breathe again and step out of the crazy for a minute. Please have a look through the Shop and About pages, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I’m always happy to do custom orders whether you know what it is that you want or you just feel what it is that you need. Imagination quests are the best kind.

Whether you’re here to find a friend to soothe anxiety or grief, help with fertility, offer protection, or show you the path to rewilding yourself and finding your true spirit again, I hope that you find what you need among these little beings. Each comes to me with its own mission and purpose, and they all belong to someone. It’s just a question of waiting for that person to find them. Just like life really.

(This site is new as of the end of June 2022 … I’ve had an Etsy shop for long time but figure I should branch out a little. If anything seems amiss here, please let me know, and I will fix it. Thank you!)

Present and Past Creations